Appointment Letter of Independent Director

Annexure –A: Guidelines for Professional Conduct

An independent director shall:

  1. Uphold ethical standards of integrity and probity;
  2. Act objectively and constructively while exercising his duties;
  3. Exercise his responsibilities in a bona fide manner in the interest of the Company;
  4. Devote sufficient time and attention to his professional obligations for informed and balanced decision making;
  5. Not allow any extraneous considerations that will vitiate his exercise of objective;
  6. Exercise independent judgment in the paramount interest of the company as a whole, while concurring in or dissenting from the collective judgment of the Board in its decision making;
  7. Not abuse his position to the detriment of the company or its shareholders or for the purpose of gaining direct or indirect personal advantage or advantage for any associated person;
  8. Refrain from any action that would lead to loss of his independence; where circumstances arise which make an independent director lose his independence, the independent director must immediately inform the Board accordingly; and
  9. Assist the company in implementing the best corporate governance practices.
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