Fair ​Practices Code​
1. Introduction

This has reference to the circular NHB(ND)/DRS/POL.16/2006 dated September 5, 2006, and NHB(ND)/DRS/REG/MC-03/2016 dated July 1, 2017 wherein the National Housing Board had revised the guidelines on Fair Practices Code for Housing Finance Companies to implement the same.

The Fair Practices Code, as mentioned herein below, is in conformity with these Guidelines on Fair Practices Code for HFC's as contained in the aforesaid NHB Circular. This sets minimum standards for the Company to follow when dealing with customers. It provides information to customers and explains how the Company is expected to deal with them on a day to day basis.

1.1 Objectives of the Code is to

  1. promote good and fair practices by setting high standards in dealing with Customers;
  2. increase transparency so that customer can have a better understanding of what they can reasonably expect of the services;
  3. encourage market forces, through competition, to achieve higher operating standards;
  4. promote a fair and cordial relationship between customer and ABHFL;
  5. foster confidence in housing finance system.

1.2 Application of Code

This Code applies to all the products and services offered by ABHFL, whether they are provided across the counter, over the phone, by post, through interactive electronic devices, on the internet or by any other method.

2. To act fairly, in a transparent manner and reasonably in all our dealings with Customer by:
  1. Meeting the commitments and standards in this Code for the products and services we offer, and in the procedures and practices our staff follows;
  2. Making sure our products and services meet relevant laws and regulations in letter and spirit;
  3. Ensuring that our dealings with customer rest on ethical principles of integrity and transparency​
3. Advertising, Marketing and Sales
  1. We will ensure that all advertising and promotional material is clear, and not misleading.
  2. In any advertising in any media and promotional literature that draws attention to service or product and includes a reference to the interest rate, we will also indicate whether other fees and charges will apply and that full details of the relevant terms and conditions are available on request
  3. Customers can get information on interest rates, common fees and charges through any one of following:
    1. Calling our branches or helplines;
    2. Through our designated staff/ help-desk;
    3. From our website.
    4. Provide copy of Service Guide/ Tariff schedule
  4. If we avail of the services of third parties for providing support services, we will endeavour that such third parties handle customer's personal information (if any available to such third parties) with the same degree of confidentiality and security as we would.
  5. ABHFL from time to time will communicate to the customers the features of the products availed from us. Also, information about our other product offerings or promotional offers will be conveyed to the customer if they have their consent to receive such information or service to ABHFL.
  6. We have prescribed a code of conduct for our Direct Selling Agencies (DSAs) whose services we may avail to market our products/ services which amongst other matters requires them to identify themselves when they approach the customer for selling our products personally or through any electronic media.
  7. In the event of receipt of any complaint from Customers that our representative/ courier or DSA has engaged in any improper conduct or acted in violation of this Code, we will take appropriate steps to investigate and to resolve the complaint to customer's satisfaction.
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